Toolie's Benchtop & Doors

Not only the natural warmth of timber, but soft, sensuous curves as well

Toolie’s Benchtops has for many years specialised in the manufacture of benchtops incorporating curved laminates. Working to a specified radius, or even an ‘S’ shaped curve, we can determine the laminate size necessary to be able to bend the individual strips of timber and glue them to a pre-determined shape.

As the bending of timber is an inexact science, it is always preferable to work to a full size template so that accuracy can be maintained. Such accuracy to radius must be within certain limits as there will be inevitable ‘spring’ when the curved top is released from the clamps, and even with the most accurate calculations, variations in species, density, and even within species can create differing amounts of spring.

However, many tops have been manufactured to specific criteria over the years, and we have gained the mastery necessary to manufacture a product suitable for all aesthetic, practical, and architectural purposes.


Almost any design can be accomplished using DGI Curved Glulam. From a simple radius, to parabolic or multiple curves, varying widths, long lengths, even integral aprons or slashbacks. There are of course some limitations such as very tight radii, but out experts can advise on the best alternatives.

What We Need To Know

Always providing a template is the best policy. Te work from the INSIDE radius so please provide this. We can, of course, calculate the IR if we are provided with the length and rise or the outside radius. template


 For complex designs and where accuracy is critical, a template is absolutely essential. Remember, curving is not an exact science. Even though we allow for the expected sprang, minor density variations can alter the radius slightly. Also, a small difference in measurements at one point can mean a larger difference some metres away at the other end. Supply a template and we will produce a product to match the template. Alternatively, let us make the benchtop first and then you can use it as the template for the carcase.