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Stunning Timber Kitchen Benchtops & Commercial Timber Beams in Brisbane

Welcome to Toolies Benchtops, home of the best timber kitchen benchtops, timber beams and recycled timbers in Brisbane. With over three decades of experience creating stunning designs that accentuate any home or business, we are your number one choice for timber kitchen benchtops, timber beams and a host of other high-quality timber products, such as timber doors and slabs.

As well as providing the residents of Brisbane with products that go above and beyond their aesthetic and functional needs, we have also worked with many iconic businesses throughout South East Queensland such as the Colmslie Hotel, the Paddington Tavern and the Hilton Hotel Sydney, and are ready to tackle any commercial project big or small.

For local residents we have conveniently separated our timber kitchen benchtops into three core categories – Budget, Standard and Premium – to help make your decision that much easier. Take a look around and find the perfect timber kitchen benchtop for your home today with Toolies Benchtops.

Check out our great new range of Bamboo benchtops and flooring!

Curved Benchtops

We are one of the only places in Australia that creates beautiful custom curved benchtops. Contact us for a quote.

Budget Timber Benchtops

Warm and stylish timber kitchen benchtops at a fraction of the price!
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Standard Timber Benchtops

A range of traditional timber kitchen benchtops that are the perfect addition to any Australian home!
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Premium Timber Benchtops

A range of high-end timber kitchen benchtops that simply ooze class and style...
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Bamboo Benchtops

“Peerless Bamboo” ply bench tops are very high quality and an environmentally friendly alternative.
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Recycled Timber Benchtops

Australian Recycled Timber Kitchen Benchtops The most eco-friendly option on the market!
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Solid Timber Slabs

Salvaged, solid, sustainable, and stunning native hardwood timbers
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Bamboo Flooring

Superior quality solid bamboo floor developed as an alternative to traditional hardwood timber.
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Timber Doors

Today’s modern door designs incorporate fine line and simple styles with traditional rails and stiles.
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